Automobile SySTEMs Syllabus
Summer 2019


Course Description

This Automobile SySTEMs course describes and demonstrates the relationship between the principles and laws of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and the design and function of the hydraulic, mechanical, thermal, and electrical systems of the automobile in the classroom and shop setting.

Expected Competencies & Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will have a deeper understanding of the practical applications of scientific principles at work in automotive technology, and a greater appreciation for the importance of STEM competencies.

Attendance & Tardiness

The course has a compact schedule consisting of four (4) consecutive days. All subjects will only be covered once. Student absences or tardiness will only diminish the student’s subject competency and positive experience.

Safety Statement

This course requires strict adherence to safety regulations of the training facility and the safe use of tools and equipment. Personal protection equipment will be issued to students and must be worn as directed during class hours.

Automobile SySTEMs Course Outline

  • Introduction to STEM and Automotive Technology

    Introductions and Expectations - Facility Tour - Safety Training - Course Overview

  • Laws of Liquids & Gases I

    Formulas: Horsepower, Volumetric Efficiency - Displacement - 4-Stroke Cycle and Thermodynamics

  • Laws of Electricity & Electronics

    Ohm's Law - Simple AC & DC Circuits - Batteries - Electromagnetism

  • Laws of Liquids & Gases II

    Boyle's Law - Heating & Cooling - Lubrication - Pascal's Law

  • Laws of Resonance

    Tires/Wheels - Springs - Camshafts - Crankshafts - Driveshafts

  • Laws of Hydraulics

    Braking System Hydraulics - Power Steering Systems - Automatic Transmission Hydraulic Circuits - Fluid Couplings

  • Laws of Chemistry

    Emissions - Fuels - Combustion

  • Laws of the Jungle

    Practical Advice for Successful Careers in Automotive Technology - Student Course Critique - Certificate of Completion - Graduation