Apprenticeship Program Information

The Mechanics Local 701 Training Fund Automobile Apprenticeship Training Program is designed to offer the next generation of Local 701 automobile mechanics the opportunity to earn while they learn the craft of vehicle diagnostics and repair.

The program initiates a new class of 10 apprentices in January of each year. With regular attendance, an apprentice can complete the program’s 1,300 required hours of classroom and shop instruction and 6,500 hours of On-the-Job training in 60 months.

The apprentice program furnishes all tools, equipment and personal protection equipment required for training facility instruction. Program instructors are ASE certified in all areas of instruction and have decades of practical experience in automotive diagnostics and repair

Prospective students should know professional automobile mechanics must own and maintain their tools, equipment and personal protection devices. The average tool and equipment investment by a professional mechanic over a career ranges from $25,000 to $50,000.

Mechanics Local 701 Training Fund partners with the over 165 employers of apprentice mechanics. The Fund matches apprentices with Local 701 employers and communicates with the employers to monitor the apprentice’s work ethic and on-the-job training experience.

The Mechanics Local 701 Training Fund Automobile Apprenticeship Training Program curriculum designed to meet or exceed the Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation’s (ASEEF) Master Automobile Service Technology (MAST) level requirements and prepare students for the full range of ASE A Series Student Certification testing.

2019 Training Program Fee Schedule
effective February 8, 2019

  • Apprenticeship Program Pre-Acceptance
    $65.00 each – Program Application Fee
    $69.00 each – Non-Prescription Drug Screen Test Fee
  • Apprenticeship Program Acceptance Fee
    $400.00 – 4 year CDX On-line Subscription Fee
  • Apprenticeship Program Fees
    $80.00 quarterly – Resources & Consumables fee
    $20.00 each – Uniform Shirt Purchase (1-2 annually)

Graduation Timetable
Apprenticeship Training Program

Course Classroom Hours Shop Hours On-The Job Hours ASE Student Test Battery
Introduction 85 45 650
Engine Repair 45 85 650 A1
Automatic Transmission 45 85 650 A2
Manual Drive 45 85 650 A3
Steering & Suspension 45 85 650 A4
Brakes 45 85 650 A5
Electrical/Electronic Systems 45 85 650 A6
Heating & Air Conditioning 45 85 650 A7
Engine Performance 45 85 650 A8
Fuel Systems 45 85 650 A8

Course – 5 Hours per day | 2 days per week | 13 weeks